How to configure Outlook Express for your Yahoo account

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Many people like me who use Outlook Express for their email purposes may have difficulty setting up their email account. Especially the Yahoo account, though it’s not that difficult. But without proper guidance it can be difficult. Because I don’t want other Outlook Express users to suffer like me. So I decided to submit a written guide to setting up Outlook Express for Yahoo’s email account.


I’ve already discussed easy steps to set up Outlook Express or buy outlook pva accounts, however, I still recommend that you correct these issues so you can avoid the hassle. First, you need to upgrade your free Yahoo Mail account to Yahoo Mail Plus. Why do I upgrade to a paid subscription when I have a free account? Since you can’t set up a free Yahoo email account in Outlook Express, you usually need to upgrade to a paid service from Yahoo even if you have a free Yahoo account in Outlook Express. Try to configure, but Yahoo basically blocks the account.


You will need to visit Yahoo’s official website to upgrade. When you upgrade your existing Yahoo account to Yahoo Mail Plus, open Outlook Express, select the Tools tab, and point to the account. When you’re in the Accounts window, you’ll see all your email accounts listed. (If it’s already in Outlook Express) Start configuring your Yahoo! Mail Plus Account, right click the Add button and select Mail.


The Internet Connection Wizard window will open. Type your first and last name as you would in a display name field. Click the Next button. Now type all your email addresses into the email address box. When typing an email address, don’t forget to type. This could cause your email account to fail with an error message. Click the Next button, select POP3 as the incoming email server from the drop-down arrow.


Submit your incoming mail server (POP3, IMAP, HTTP) as “” (without quotes and as is) and outgoing mail server (SMTP) as ” “In the desired box. Click the Next button to continue. In the Account Name box, type your full Yahoo email address. Spell it out to avoid trouble. Type your password in the Password box. Remember to check the Password Remember box if it is not selected automatically. I am not repeatedly asked to enter my password when opening my Yahoo Mail account, so I checked the box. You can also avoid the hassle of entering passwords repeatedly by checking this box.


Press the Next button to proceed. Click the Finish button to exit the Internet Connection Wizard window. You will now be taken back to the Account window where you will see your new set of Yahoo Mail account. Select it and click the Properties button on the right. Highlight the Servers tab when you are in the Properties dialog. Under Outgoing Mail Server, click to check the box next to Require server authentication.


Now highlight the Advanced tab. Type “465” as the outgoing server number in the Outgoing Mailbox (SMTP) and “995” as the outgoing server number (POP3). Check the box that says this server is needed. Secure Connection (SSL) under incoming and outgoing mail servers. Turn off server time if you wish, otherwise leave this option. Make sure to leave a copy of the message on the server. It lets you check or read messages from anywhere in the world while away from your home computer.


If you do not select this option, all your messages will be downloaded from your webmail account to Outlook Express, so if you are away from your home computer and have received an external internet connection Want to access your webmail account? You will not receive those messages. When finished, click the Properties button, and then click OK to exit the Properties window. Exit the account window, close and reopen Outlook Express to allow changes to be saved. When finished, press the send / receive button to start downloading the message.