Inflact Instagram: A Complete Review

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By Olivia Jack

Instagram’s popularity has been skyrocketing recently, leaving Facebook long behind. But with that, hackers have also been doing their job by hacking many accounts every other day. Because of this, several Instagram tools like anonymous story viewers have become users’ favorite things. And that’s why we’ve also been scouring some alternatives to Instagram and testing ourselves to see the best. And finally, we’ve found some cool alternatives, including Picuki, Inflact, Smihub, and more.

Some of these tools act as anonymous Instagram stories viewers and as marketing tools for social media. So, we picked out one top-rated social media tool on the Internet called Inflact Instagram, which is supposedly the best marketing tool. But it also offers its services as an alternative for non-Instagram users to watch and remain updated on Instagram without having an account. And then, we tested it thoroughly to review and share a user’s opinion based on its features, services, pricing plans, and accessibility.

What is Inflact?

So before we begin telling you about its features, you must know what Inflact is. Previously known as Ingramer, has been marketed as a multi-purpose Instagram tool offering features for all people. The tool is a profile analyzer, anonymous Instagram viewer, hashtags generator, and potential customer finder. All these features in just one tool have made Inflact one of the top-rated social media tools for businesses, influencers, and non-Instagram users.

Inflact as an anonymous Instagram Viewer.

Features of Inflact

Moving on to its features, when you visit the website of Inflact, you’ll see that they have divided their services into three categories, depending on what you want help with. These three categories include:

  1. Audience: If you are a brand, then, with this feature, Inflact will help you attract users by smart targeting, analyzing profiles, tracking growth analytics, and finally, influencer search. These features will help you attract users interested in seeing content and buying products similar to yours, resulting in a loyal customer base.
Search profiles and watch stories anonymously on Inflact.
  1. Clients: With the clients’ feature, Inflact Instagram helps you interact with your followers and deal with clients automatically with an AI bot. This feature sends a welcome message to everyone who follows you, auto-replies to queries of customers, and also replies to a message based on its keyword. For example, if someone messages you saying, “Please tell me the price of this product,” then recognizes the keyword “price” and helps the customer by sending the product’s price.
  1. Content: With the content feature, Inflact helps us schedule posts, generate hashtags related to our posts, and also tells us about the trending hashtags that’ll bring reach to our page. All in all, influencers and brands can become consistent posters and be able to boost reach on their page with the help of this feature.

Free Tools on Inflact IG

While we were testing the tools on Inflact IG, we came across several free and unlimited tools, and some of them include the following:

  • Hashtags Generator
  • Profile Analyzer
  • Instagram Stories Viewer
  • Instagram Profiles Viewer
  • Instagram stories, photos, profile pics, reels, and videos downloader
  • Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok feed downloader
  • Fonts Generator

When we tested these seven tools mentioned above, we found they are entirely free on Inflact Instagram Viewer and safe to use. So, with these free tools, you can analyze profiles and check the engagement activity of any public account. You can also use the Instagram Stories Viewer to view every public profile’s story and highlights anonymously without having your own Instagram account. It also acts as an Instagram downloader and lets you download high-quality stories, photos, reels, profile pics, and videos.

But do you want to know the best part? One of its tools also lets you download photos and videos from Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok. So you can download Tiktok videos that do not have the “save as” option, and that too without their watermark. Isn’t that great? Coming on to the last free tool, it’s a font generator. You can try custom fonts to make your insta bio and captions unique and cooler than the rest, making you stand out in the crowd.

Moving on to the paid services Inflact Instagram Viewer offers, these services are claimed to be the must-haves of digital marketing specialists, businesses, and influencers to boost their growth. 

  1. Promo:

The promo service allows you to attract potential customers to your account. You can analyze your profile, check growth analytics, allow smart targeting, and do influencer searches related to your niche.

Analyse your growth and reach on Instagram through Inflact.
  1. Direct:

In the direct service, you can divide your clients into categories, send automated replies with the help of a chatbot, and target and manage bulk DMs simultaneously.

  1. Scheduled Posting:

Because the official Instagram app doesn’t allow users to do scheduled posting, Inflact’s one of the most popular paid services is scheduled posting. You can create posts and then schedule them on Inflact so that whenever you don’t have time, your posts can be uploaded to the account without any hassle.

Pricing Plans

If you visit the website of, you can see that it offers three different pricing plans, but the best part is you can also customize a plan according to the services you want to avail. But first, let’s discuss the services these plans offer and their prices.

  1. Basic Pack:

The Basic pack is worth $54 monthly for handling one account and lets you use only the Promo service, which helps you attract potential customers to your account. And you can also use the hashtags generator tool in this plan to maximize your reach.

  1. Advanced Pack:

The Advanced pack is the most popular one on the website and is worth $64 monthly. Just like the Basic plan, you can only handle one account in this plan and use the Promo service. Not only that, but you can also use the Direct service, in which a chatbot interacts with your clients and clears their queries in the DMs. Finally, it also lets you use the hashtags generator for your posts.

  1. Pro Pack of Inflact:

The Pro pack is the best out of all but also the most expensive. It is worth $84 monthly and offers all the services, including Promo, Direct, and Scheduled Posting. You can use tools like hashtags generator, stories saver, and downloader. 

Limitations of Inflact Instagram

While Inflact has proved to be a perfect social media tool till now, we also observed some limitations which lowered its potential for us and some more users. Some of these limitations include the following:

  • No free trial before buying paid services.
  • No photo and video editor.
  • It doesn’t let you watch private Instagram Stories.
  • Highly expensive allowing limited users to purchase the services.

User Reviews for Inflact IG

Almost 1.5 Million people have become regular users of Inflact and have shared positive and negative reviews according to their experiences. And so, we are sharing some of these user reviews to help you decide better before using it.

  1. One of the best-automated apps I’ve used. With his help, in three months, I increased the number of my followers by almost three times. I also want to note a convenient and intuitive interface. I can send DMs from my personal computer. Oh yes, I also like that the work of this tool is based on algorithms similar to human behavior, so you can not be afraid of a banning.
  1. I bought a hashtag generator subscription. After the update, I like the Generator much more. The previous generator and applications did not have essential functions. But after the update, I’m satisfied. Because I can save collections and folders. I also like that you can easily find hashtag ideas from 0.
  1. Managing an Instagram account manually takes a lot of work. It requires a lot of free time and effort. Such a strategy is not suitable for business accounts. But Inflact is the tool that does everything for me. This amazing AI Instagram assistant researches the market, drives the target audience, and boosts traffic to my brand account. Pros: It helps me with everything from direct chat management to reliable hashtag generation. Cons: You should use the Instagram bot carefully because the social network does not support its use.
  1. I use the service with two accounts. With the first account, the system disconnected from my Instagram, and I wasn’t checking, and they kept charging money. I asked for a refund, but they denied it, I canceled the subscription. On the other hand, it was working, giving me more followers. Still, suddenly Instagram canceled my account because they realized I was using this service, so I lost my money and my Instagram account for good.
  1. Before signing up, I checked if this site was severe. When I saw these positive comments, I took a pack with a VPN and followed all the steps to avoid losing my IG account. Still, unfortunately, after a month, my Instagram account was banned, and I lost my account and username forever. These methods are always risky. And sooner or later, the Instagram account will be banned.
  1. Horribly expensive! I created an account a few months ago and decided to try the profile downloader. They want $9 per profile!! The other packages allow more profiles. Three profiles are $20!!!! – Are they insane? The prices are totally out of touch. The prices are exponential and skyrocket from there. The dashboard is clean, and the interface is among the nicest, but the prices are outrageous.


Instagram has become a widely used app over time. Many social media tools have also become the new norm, be it for Instagram marketing or watching and downloading Instagram stories anonymously. Similarly, Inflact is another Instagram marketing tool that helps businesses and influencers manage and boost their accounts’ reach. Not only that, but it’s also a great alternative to Instagram to watch and download Instagram stories and posts anonymously without having your private account.