Are you familiar with Instagram’s video channel, IGTV?

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Social media channels have long competed for the “dominance” of the video platform. YouTube has been in control of the race for a long time, but recently Facebook has released Facebook Watch and Instagram TV, or IGTV, in the summer. Here, one of the experts from a local SEO agency will explain it further.

What the heck is IGTV?

You can create your own IGTV channel for each profile, where the published videos will be saved. You can create longer video content for your channel and you can even publish your own IGTV series! The length of one video is limited to one hour. Similarly, the video length limit for your Instagram profile is one minute.

The idea of ​​IGTV is to publish vertical videos primarily suitable for mobile use. Similarly, by turning the phone, you can watch horizontal, spectacular videos in full screen.

You can enter the captivating world of IGTV by clicking on the IGTV icon at the top of your news feed. At the same time, launch recommended videos based on the pages you watch, points of interest, and popular videos on IGTV. You can also comment on videos, like them and send them as an Instagram message to your friends.

Saving Instagram images

Did you come across an interesting picture in the news stream and would you like to retrieve it? There are a few different options for saving: you can take a screenshot to keep the image in the phone memory. You can like the image and later browse the stream of images you like (profile settings> publications you liked). The third and most systematic tip is Instagram’s own functionality: save your images to Instagram and pre-create different image collections (a collection is the same thing as an image folder). Handy!

Here’s how to save images from a news feed and create collections:  Each image in a news feed has “save” functionality. You can find saved images behind your profile by clicking on the menu at the top and selecting “Saved” from the menu. Here you can create your own collections for images and save similar images as your own folders and easy to find.

Instagram image archiving

Did you know you can archive photos on your own profile? You can also delete the image, but you can archive and republish the image if necessary. This feature is especially suitable for accounts of companies and organizations with multiple administrators. This saves the image for later use and eliminates the need to hunt for the original release from devices from different administrators.

Here’s how to archive and restore an image on Instagram:  Select an image from your profile to archive. Behind the three-point menu at the top of the image, the “archive” option opens. All archived images can be found behind the burger menu at the top of your profile under “Archive”. If the publication archive does not appear immediately, you can find it in the drop-down menu at the top.

If you want to restore an archived image, go to the publication archive and click on the image to return it to the news feed. This feature returns the image to its original position in the news feed, but you can take a screenshot and republish the image if appropriate. You can also delete an archived image here.