Picuki Instagram Viewer: Features, Limitations and Alternatives 

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By Olivia Jack

Before we dive into details about Picuki, let’s first try to understand the background of its inception. So the popularity of Instagram has grown over time, leading to almost every other person getting an Instagram account. But there’s one drawback. Instagram requires personal data from every user, including their email address and phone number. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s a drawback. The drawback is that many accounts have been hacked lately, leading to people’s personal information getting leaked. And because of that, lots of users have started deleting their Instagram accounts. But what if I told you that you could use tools like Picuki to use Instagram without having an actual Instagram account?

Now, there’s this one fact, not everyone likes to post pictures or videos on Instagram, and they have an account to stay updated on the latest news shared by their favorite celebrities and friends. This is why some tools like Picuki have become popular lately, as users can view all the latest updates anonymously without having an Instagram account. Oh, you find it interesting, right? Then keep on reading till the end as I share with you all the details about Picuki, what it is, its features, how to edit with it, its limitations, and some alternatives when Picuki isn’t working or if there’s a better option out there instead of Picuki.

What is Picuki Instagram Viewer?

Let’s begin by getting to know about Picuki Instagram Viewer. So, Picuki is a website where you can view all the latest updates about what’s happening in the world, what your favorite celebrity is posting, what your friends are doing, and even what’s happening in the political world. Not only that, but Picuki is also a photo and video editor. Now your question must be, “How can I view these updates on Picuki?” To clear it out, you can view all the stories, posts, and reels posted on Instagram by different users anonymously without having an existing account. 

Features of Picuki IG

Now that you’ve learned what Picuki is, you must also be curious about the features it offers. 

  1. Anonymous Instagram Viewer

As discussed above, the first and foremost feature of Picuki ig is that it acts as an Instagram viewer with which you can view all the stories, posts, and reels posted by different people anonymously without having an Instagram account. 

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  1. No Sign-in Required

The best part is that you don’t need to sign up or sign in to use the Picuki website. You have to search for any username or trending tag in the tool’s search bar, and the users’ posts, stories, and reels will appear on the screen. 

  1. Edit and Download any Content

Another feature of the Picuki Instagram viewer is that once you click any post or video of the user, there is an edit and download option at the bottom. You can edit those pictures and videos without downloading them on your phone first. 

  1. Free and Secure

Now, coming on to the best part, you’ll be glad to know that Picuki is a free and secure app. It means you can view any user ID and unlimitedly download high-quality pictures and videos without paying a penny. Another feature includes the high security on Picuki IG. It means the tool doesn’t track any of your activities, and you can use it anonymously.

How to do Picture and Video Editing with Picuki?

Editing with Picuki is quite simple, and there are just a few steps you need to follow, which include the following:

  1. If you want to do photo or video editing with Picuki, then first click on a post, and when it opens in full size, you’ll find an edit and download option at the bottom.
  1. Click on the edit option, and you’ll find different things you can try, like adding filters and adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, clarity, exposure, shadows, and highlights. You can also add text and borders and increase focus on certain parts of the picture for better resolution.
  1. Once you are done editing, you can download the picture on your phone, and you are done.

Limitations of Picuki IG Editing Tool

If you visit the Picuki website, you’ll see that they’ve got a lot of different features to offer, but we know nothing is perfect and always comes with some limitations.

  • Picuki tool is free to use but doesn’t have a mobile application, meaning it only works in a browser.
  • You must also know that you cannot view posts or videos from private accounts on Picuki or post your pictures or videos on the website.
  • Another con of the tool is that you cannot watch any live events on it.
  • Sometimes, it may take a lot of time to render and edit the post or have issues downloading any posts.

Which One is Better? Instagram or Picuki

Now a question arises which one is better, Instagram or Picuki? To answer that both Instagram and Picuki have different features. But Picuki acts as an Instagram viewer, allowing you to anonymously monitor other users’ IDs and edit and download their pictures without letting them know. And while Instagram asks for your personal information to sign in or sign up, you can use Picuki without sharing your details. 

Picuki Instagram also allows you to copy captions and hashtags from different people’s posts, whereas there is no such feature on Instagram. You can also view and download the profile pictures of other users in full size on Picuki in high quality, whereas Instagram doesn’t have such features. Overall, if you look at both of these applications, many users have started using Picuki more than Instagram.

5 Alternatives of Picuki Instagram

Now that you’ve read this far, I’ll tell you 5 alternatives of Picuki Instagram in case it isn’t working, along with their features.

  1. SmiHub

Speaking about alternatives to Picuki Instagram, SmiHub tops the list. Now, why is that so? SmiHub is similar to Picuki and offers the same features as the latter. This tool is also a website and is completely free to use, requiring no sign-ins. You can view, edit, and download unlimited posts, videos, reels, and stories. The best part is you can also download stories of high quality anonymously, making it a good tool for stalking and monitoring other users’ accounts.

  1. Inflact

Inflact is also one of the most recommended tools after SmiHub, but it offers even more features than Picuki. Firstly, it lets you view and download any users’ stories, posts, and reels anonymously. It also has a profile analyzing feature through which you can analyze the profile activity of any public account, including their number of followers, engagement rate, average user activity, most liked and commented posts, and more, for free. One more fantastic feature of Inflact is its ability to generate trending hashtags on Instagram.

  1. Gramhir

Gramhir is slightly different from the rest of the tools as it allows you to analyze the activity of public profiles and predict the number of likes and comments on their posts. It also shows you the most popular profiles on Instagram and monitors their activity anonymously.

  1. Watchinsta

Watchinsta has to be one of the coolest tools I’ve ever encountered. Why? Because it allows you to view and export posts and videos from private accounts in a zip file. It also allows you to retrieve deleted messages and files without having an Instagram account.

  1. IMGLookup

IMGLookup is a tool similar to Watchinsta that allows you to view users’ private content without sending them a friend request. You can view all of their content anonymously without any fear of your ID being revealed. It is a web-based free application with a simple interface, making it easy to use for everyone.


Instagram is a top-rated and secure app, but only some people like to have an account while remaining updated with the happenings on social media platforms. Thankfully, tools like Picuki have come to the rescue, allowing users to anonymously view stories, posts, videos, and reels posted by public profiles. Now, you can view, edit, and download high-quality photos and videos without having an Instagram account and remain updated with current events for free with Picuki and some of the best alternatives of Picuki. Whether you want to stalk someone or view their content anonymously, this is your chance!