Up to minus 20: the first working week in St. Petersburg will be cold

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The cold snap that came on the night of January 20 will drag on. The New Year holidays, which began with New Year’s rain and an air temperature of +2 degrees Celsius, ends at a temperature of -15. According to the forecast Specialist of the Phobos Center Mikhail Leus, on Monday, January 11, a warm atmospheric front will replace the frosty anticyclone from the west. But, judging by the forecast for the week, it won’t get much warmer outside.

Monday 11 January The winter that has finally arrived will set another record at night – the thermometer will drop to -16 … -18 degrees. It will be cloudy during the day, but warmer – the air will warm up to -9 … -11 degrees… Light snowfall is expected in the evening.

Tuesday January 12th. The air temperature will approach its January norm. Night temperatures of -10 … -12 degrees will be replaced by almost comfortable daytime temperatures -5 … -7 degrees… And it will be the warmest day of the week.

Wednesday 13 January It will get colder at night to -10 … -12. During the day it will not do without snow, it will be cloudy, and the air temperature will be -8 … -10 degrees.

Thursday January 14th. On this day, according to the forecast of Mikhail Leus, St. Petersburg will be covered with a second, even stronger wave of the Arctic cold. The ridge of the anticyclone will bring light snow and night frosts at -17 … -19 degrees. During the day it will not get very warm, the thermometer will fluctuate around the marks in -13 … -15 degrees.

Friday 15th January At night, according to forecasters, another record will be set in -20 degrees… It gets warmer in the afternoon until -13 … -15 degrees

Saturday 16 January Frosts will begin to gradually recede thanks to the approach of a new atmospheric front. In the afternoon expected -9 … -11 degrees… But the probability of precipitation increases sharply.

Sunday January 17th. The warming trend, according to Mikhail Leus, will continue.

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