Zeman compared the storming of the Capitol with the Ukrainian “Maidan”

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Czech President Milos Zeman said about a negative attitude towards the “Maidan” and other events of a revolutionary nature associated with violence.

On January 10, in an interview with the Blesk newspaper, the politician noted that he did not like the events that took place during the Maidan in Kiev. He likened the Capitol Hill riots in Washington to an attempt by US President Donald Trump to organize something similar.

“I don’t like violent revolutions, I don’t like the Maidan and what happened in Kiev,” he said.

According to Zeman, Trump did not admit defeat in the elections, but the worst thing was that he was indirectly responsible for the deaths of his supporters in Washington last Wednesday.

According to the Czech President, Trump showed the cowardice of the outgoing politician.

“I can’t remember a single American president who left office in such shame,” he added.

On January 7, the US Congress approved the election of Democrat Joseph Biden as President of the United States. The meeting was held amid protests in Washington, when Trump supporters broke into the Capitol building and caused riots.

There were clashes with police, during which dozens of people were injured on both sides. Four people were killed during the riots, and later died a seriously injured police officer. After the incident, the Democrats called for the removal of the Republican from power.

On January 9, the Ukrainian opposition called for an overestimation of the “Euromaidan” after the storming of the Capitol. As noted in the Rada, now American politicians are obliged to change their attitude towards the color revolutions in many countries, where destructive political forces came to power with their help on the wave of radical protests.

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