The last episode of the “Trump show”

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Nothing in Donald Trump justifies a comparison with the great classical tragedies or the Shakespearean dramas. His family – reading his niece’s book -, just like his career as a real estate developer, then as an improvised “reality-show” host, firmly anchored him in the less sophisticated “pop culture”.

A very simple comic made me think for a long time. I unfortunately do not remember the designer, but we saw a character sitting on a semblance of a throne awkwardly wearing a crown, his face panicked. Opposite him, another character, throwing off a king’s fool’s cap, revealed to him: “There is no kingdom. You are not King Dagobert [ou quelque chose du genre] and Robert, it’s time to go home. “

His presidency, we all knew except him apparently, was drawing to a close. Its handling of the pandemic has been apocalyptic, as evidenced by the persistent number of infections and deaths; his political incompetence prevented him from recruiting new supporters who could have secured him a second term; in the end, he lost the presidential election and that should have been enough.

He needed a coup de grace and he came from his own camp, from his most fervent followers: the assault on the Capitol has placed him forever among the presidents who have lost all constitutional legitimacy. And late Friday night, Twitter officials went to spit on his grave.

Torture by tweets

Without Twitter, the “king is naked”, to quote Andersen’s famous tale. Donald Trump has used and abused this platform to insult, threaten and intimidate friends and adversaries. He managed in 140 characters to frighten the most credible minds and the most competent politicians.

It’s hard to imagine a more adequate social media than Twitter for the ousted president: disinterested in the management of the state, ill-informed, intellectually lazy, he spent long hours – several witnesses have confirmed this over the years – to himself pour out in short comments, while soaking up the reactionary ramblings of FOX News.

Without this platform, he loses the ultimate means of keeping elected Republicans in line, made docile by blackmail and intimidation.

Voyeurism accomplices

His presidency will have been on Truman Show inverted. Trump believed he was at the heart of a reality show, handling attendees as he pleased. He surrounded himself with people who, consciously or not, reinforced the illusion of his authority and credibility. Those caught calling it into question were quickly dismissed.

Reality eventually caught up with him, not without having previously gone through the humiliation of seeing the seat of American democracy, the Capitol, being attacked by a gang of enlightened people. The culmination of this long buffoonery will help us come to terms with the fact that boredom will fall on American politics as of January 21. It is ultimately not worse.

Former ministers sacked

What they have said about Donald Trump over the years

Rex Tillerson

The last episode of the

  • Ex-CEO of ExxonMobil
  • Former Secretary of State (2017-2018)
  • He was sacked via Twitter.

After Trump called for a tenfold increase in America’s nuclear arsenal, Tillerson reportedly called him “Fucking moron”.

John bolton

The last episode of the

  • Former Ambassador to the UN
  • Former National Security Advisor (2018-2019)

In his book The Room Where It Happened, he describes the president as ignoring basic geopolitical realities and making decisions motivated by his re-election.

Trump, in return, denounced him as “Incompetent” and portrayed as a “Boring old fool”.

John kelly

The last episode of the

  • Retired General of the Marines
  • Former Secretary of Homeland Security
  • Former chief of staff (2017-2019)

He was sacked, too via Twitter, some time after, according to journalist Bob Woodward, called his boss” idiot “.

HR McMaster

The last episode of the

  • Retired Army Lieutenant General
  • Former National Security Advisor (2017-2018)

Qualified by the magazine Time of “Warrior-thinker par excellence of the 21st century”McMaster only held his post for thirteen months, with the President deeming him too dry and condescending.

James mattis

The last episode of the

  • Retired General of the Marines
  • Former Secretary of Defense (2017-2019)

Six months after his dismissal, James Mattis, one of the most respected officers in the US military, wrote: “Donald Trump is the first president in my life not to try to unite the Americans. He tries to divide us. We are living the consequences of three years without mature leadership. “

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