They discover a six foot snake … in their toilet

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A couple from Elk Grove, a town south of Sacramento, Calif., Had a brutal morning Friday when they came face to face with a six-foot-long boa constrictor in their toilet.

“I have lost all confidence in the bathrooms,” said ironically, to the camera of a local CBS network television station, Irma Zambrano, the resident of the house where the boa was captured.

“It’s anyone’s worst nightmare for something to come out of the toilet!” We thought he was going to move around the house, grab us, wrap himself around us and suffocate us! ” the woman exclaimed, still in shock.

It was Ms. Zambrano’s husband who made the surprising discovery. Before leaving for work, the man entered the bathroom, lifted the toilet seat, and was scared of his life.

Called to the scene, Glenn Stough, a snake catching specialist, said that in 15 years of doing this job he had never seen such a thing.

“He was strong, big, and he grabbed something and tried to pull me towards him. It was stronger than my pincers and I was about to grab it with my hands. Luckily he froze a bit and I jumped at the chance to get him out of there, ”Mr. Stough told CBS Sacramento.

It’s not clear how the boa ended up in that toilet, but according to Glenn Stough it is likely a stray pet.

As the boa constrictor is not a species of snake that originated from California, it could not be released into the wild. Rather, it was handed over to an animal control agency.

One thing is certain, Irma Zambrano will remember this mishap for a long time.

“When I use the toilet in the morning, I don’t usually turn on the light. Now the light will be on, I’ll take a look, I’ll flush the toilet twice and then I’ll sit down, ”she explained.

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