These books will prolong the feeling of summer for Volgograd residents

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August is the threshold of autumn and the end of summer, but you can always stretch it with the help of a good book.

“Blackberry Wine” by Joanne Harris describes the adventures of Jay McIntosh, who finds several bottles of wine made by his eccentric gardener neighbor Joe. Friends have the most amazing summer, they solve many mysteries, plunge headlong into adventure and find magic in the most ordinary things.

Robert Heinlein’s 1956 novel The Door to Summer is one of the top science fiction novels, describing betrayal and time travel, love and adventure.

“Manyunya” Narine Abgaryan will be equally liked by children and adults, who will gladly plunge into the adventures of two cheerful girlfriends. The book is literally filled with humor and nostalgia for the past.

Anna Gavalda’s A Sip of Freedom can be read in one evening. In it, two brothers and two sisters decide to escape from a boring dinner and go in search of freedom. The story is not easy and instructive.

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