What the coming day has in store for us – August 9

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Moon in Aries. A day like this is best spent in solitude.

How we all love the Sun, how we wait for its light, its warmth! But night comes, and from the sky the silvery light of the moon streams down on us. She seems to be dancing her dance, from the rhythms of which everything on Earth changes. On the new moon, this music is filled with the energy of life, and we are able to move mountains. On the full moon, she is slightly aggressive, and awakens doubts and anxiety in us. And the tired rhythms of the waning moon are the time to relax and take time for yourself.

What is the queen of the night on August 9 preparing for us?

Aggressive and impulsive, tense and emotional – such a day is best spent in solitude: reading books, doing your favorite hobby, doing things that do not cause negative emotions. The moon is waning, internal forces are weakening, fatigue, and the Moon in Aries is nervous, impulsive. Be careful with emotions – irascibility, irritability will surround you everywhere. And remember that everyone around you can be nervous, so in order to avoid scandals, showdowns and quarrels, it is best to immediately extinguish the flame of aggression and just a desire to caustically respond to a neighbor, for example.

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Accept this day with gratitude, whatever it may be for you!

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