In Yekaterinburg, an SUV drove into a trampoline with children

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In Yekaterinburg, an SUV flew into a trampoline on which there were children, reports on Saturday, August 8.

The incident took place on Krasnolesya Street. The published video captures the moment when the car at speed takes off from the road and collides with a trampoline.

“The car drove either into the trampoline mountings or into the generator, as it immediately began to deflate. Two cars were involved in the accident: one stopped in the right lane along Krasnolesya Street, the second flew into a trampoline through concrete blocks. The traffic police did not come, ”an eyewitness to the incident told the portal.

It is noted that the SUV was evacuated with severe damage. There were no casualties as a result of the incident.

On August 7, it became known that in the Primorsky Territory, a car that got into an accident hit a woman and two children. The victims were hospitalized.

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