The time of the main New Year’s fireworks will change in Kaluga

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In Kaluga, the time of the main New Year’s fireworks will be changed. This follows from the statements of the regional government after the publication of the holiday poster.

The poster, released in a new format, indicates the time of the fireworks – 2:00 Moscow time on January 1, that is, late at night. This decision was immediately followed by a storm of indignation from the Kaluga residents. People began to express their dissatisfaction on social networks. Many simply argued that they would not be able to see the action, since the time was late, and the children would already be asleep.

As a result, the government replied to the postponement of the fireworks to 18:30 Moscow time on December 31.

As previously reported, Kaluga residents and guests of Kaluga will enjoy three fireworks at once during the New Year holidays. This is December 12 when the project opens on Stary Torg Square, on New Year’s Eve also at Stary Torg, where the program will begin at 22:00 Moscow time and will last until 03:00 Moscow time on January 1, and January 9 on the day of the project closing and the transfer of a symbolic snowflake to Nizhny Novgorod …

Kaluga this year became the New Year’s capital of Russia.

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