The Best Way to Learn a Language

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What’s the single best way to learn a language? Ever asked yourself about this kind of a question? Do you hesitate yourself if you seem like there’s something missing when learning a language? If you want to learn more and faster you need to come up or do the things that will help you to learn a new language in the best way possible.

If I had to choose, I’d say immersion. While it’s probably not the best “for everyone,” I do believe it’s the best choice for many. After all, picking up your first language naturally actually works a lot like immersion does.

The best situation to be in to learn a language is to:

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(1) Be in a country where it is widely spoken as the first language.

(2) While you’re there, go to a school where the primary mode of teaching is the target language.

Sometimes, just being in a country isn’t enough. For many people, they have to be forced to pick up the language in a sort of “learn or perish” situation and being in a school is exactly that. Unless you pick up the language quickly, you won’t only be isolated from your fellow students, you won’t understand lectures, can’t read books and generally can’t function. Do or die tends to bring out the best in most students.

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