Sports doctor spoke about the dangers of training for survivors of COVID-19

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People who have had COVID-19 are contraindicated in outdoor exercise during the cold season. On Saturday, January 23, the vice-president of the National fitness community for scientific and methodological development of the industry, candidate of medical sciences, sports doctor Elena Ryabinkova told about this.

“Cold air, the change in temperature and humidity from dry and warm air at home to moist and cold outside block, paralyze the movement of the villi of the epithelium of the“ cilia ”in the nasopharynx and trachea, which contributes to the stagnation of mucus in the upper respiratory tract and the development of complications from viral infection to bacterial, “RIA Novosti quotes her.

According to Ryabinkova, even without such a risk, survivors of the disease have enough possible complications, such as kidney damage or anemia.

The doctor also pointed out that the most frequent complications – myocarditis and stress cardiomyopathies – can increase in frequency with inadequate exercise, and the prevention of these pathologies requires additional control of the heart. The expert clarified that it is possible to reduce such risks only under the supervision of an experienced fitness trainer.

Among the symptoms that are observed in more than half of those who have recovered, the vice president of the fitness community named severe weakness, dizziness, joint pain, cough, dry throat, lack of appetite and mood.

“People who have undergone COVID-19 change activity and behavior, and it is important for trainers to give patients not only proper physical exercise, in accordance with the client’s condition, but also to improve their mood and set a positive attitude,” Ryabinkova said.

For these purposes, the doctor recommended choosing a set of training sessions individually, depending on the severity of the illness. She stressed that the use of known respiratory systems is not the key to recovering from COVID-19 due to the danger of imbalance in the carbon dioxide balance in the blood.

On November 28, 2020, immunologist Vladislav Zhemchugov said that yoga breathing exercises would allow COVID-19 survivors to get rid of the effects of the infection. The specialist noted that everyone has an individual rehabilitation program, but many of those who have recovered have breathing problems due to damaged lungs.

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