Social networks inundated with complaints from residents of Kaluga about the city not cleared of snow

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Social networks are literally bombarded with messages from Kaluga residents about the city not cleared of snow. Kaluga residents attach photos and videos to their posts with complaints.

“I drove through the very center of Kaluga from the theater. I was just shocked at how badly the city was cleaned. It’s impossible to get up on the road, on the roadside, in paid parking lots. Knee-deep in some places of snow. I parked on Teatralnaya Square, then barely left. What is the reason for this state of the city? I haven’t met a single snowplow, ”Anna Bolshova from Kaluga writes on Facebook.

This complaint concerns the very center of Kaluga. The situation is similar on the outskirts of the city in residential areas.

“At the stop on the Right Bank I just got stuck in the snow. I tried to get on the bus, but I could not get my legs out of the snow. I barely succeeded. The right one is buried in the snow,” says Lidia Nazarenko.

Photo: Natalia Zemlyanoy from Facebook

It is even more difficult for people with a wheelchair to walk through the city. For people in wheelchairs, walking around the city or even going to the store becomes impossible.

“A child in a wheelchair. We had to go to the store for groceries. Up along Plekhanov from the intersection with Komarov. It was spectacular. Our city is not passable! Sometimes passers-by came to the rescue. But mostly she dragged the wheelchair with the child. To overcome this mess from snow is not possible at all, “writes Natalia Zemlyanaya.

Snowfall covered Kaluga two days ago. According to the city authorities, cleaning is carried out constantly, the equipment does not leave the streets. Nevertheless, there are no fewer complaints.

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