Silvio Berlusconi hospitalized in Monaco for cardiac arrhythmia

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Monaco | Former Italian head of government Silvio Berlusconi, 84, was hospitalized at the Monaco Cardiothoracic Center with cardiac arrhythmia problems, a spokesperson for his party and his personal doctor said on Thursday.

“He’s at the Monaco Cardiothoracic Hospital for exams. He will be back home in a few days, ”a spokesperson for Forza Italia (FI) told AFP.

“I went personally on Monday to carry out this medical examination with Silvio Berlusconi at the end of which I decided to be hospitalized urgently at the Monaco heart center, not deeming his transfer to Italy prudent”, for his part said his personal physician Alberto Zangrillo, quoted by the media.

He spoke of a “cardiac arrhythmia” problem with Silvio Berlusconi who was in the south of France where he spent much of last year due to his age and the raging COVID-19 epidemic in Italy.

According to Corriere della Sera, Silvio Berlusconi is currently staying with his daughter Marina in Châteauneuf-Grasse (Alpes-Maritimes).

The former head of the Italian government was hospitalized in September for ten days in Milan due to a lung infection due to COVID-19.

In the spring of 2019, he was operated on for an intestinal obstruction at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, the same where he underwent a major open heart operation in June 2016, without counting minor operations.

Silvio Berlusconi hospitalized in Monaco for cardiac arrhythmia

Business at bunga-bunga

Silvio Berlusconi was expected Thursday at a hearing at the Court of Siena, Tuscany, as part of a trial called Ruby-ter, yet another part of the “Rubygate” scandal and the famous “bunga-bunga” parties that the billionaire was organizing with prostitutes in his luxurious villa near Milan (north).

In this section, the prosecution had requested a prison sentence of four years and two months against him, accusing him of witness tampering. The hearing was postponed to April due to the state of health of the former head of government.

The absence of Mr Berlusconi, leader of the main moderate right-wing party in Italy, also weighs on discussions regarding the political crisis the country is going through after the decision of another ex-prime minister, Matteo Renzi, to withdraw his ruling coalition party.

“I will inform him” of the discussions in progress, declared the n. 2 from FI, Antonio Tajani, ex-president of the European Parliament.

“I think that he himself will call in the evening Salvini (Matteo, head of the League, extreme right) and Meloni (Giorgia, head of Fratelli d’Italia, extreme right) to take stock of the crisis,” added Mr. Tajani, quoted by the media.

Son of a Milanese bank employee, born September 29, 1936, Silvio Berlusconi founded one of the most powerful industrial and financial empires in Europe, even though he missed out on the digital revolution.

At the head of the Fininvest holding and of the Mediaset television group, but also of the AC Milan football club, he became in the early 2000s the first fortune in Italy and remained so for ten years.

Known for his fondness for young and beautiful women, his current partner is 53 years younger than him.

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