Russians want to get rid of advertising in utility bills

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Russians want to get rid of obtrusive advertising in utility bills – the State Duma proposes to ban management companies from distributing it under threat of fines. Deputy Viktor Zubarev (Izvestia has it) approached the Ministry of Construction with such an initiative. The parliamentarian is supported by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, “Business Russia”, the Institute for the Development of a Legal Society. Two years ago, it was forbidden to print advertisements on payment cards, but the management companies and settlement centers still have the opportunity to put advertising leaflets in them. As a result, citizens receive many promotional bulletins. Often, older people perceive information as a mandatory recommendation from the MC.

Often, among the advertisements that are distributed through payments, there are proposals to replace radiators, meters and windows, said Daria Gladysh, director of the Institute for the Development of the Legal Society. Oftentimes, people perceive it as a call to action to purchase or upgrade a product. It turns out that advertisers have found a convenient loophole, this must be stopped, says State Duma deputy Viktor Zubarev.

The parliamentarian sent an initiative to the head of the Ministry of Construction, Vladimir Yakushev, to ban the distribution of advertising through payments for housing and communal services (with the exception of social advertising and reference information). Fines are imposed for breaking the ban. Izvestia got acquainted with a copy of the letter. At the time of publication, the Ministry of Construction did not respond to Izvestia’s request.

For violations for legal entities, fines are expected from 100 thousand to 500 thousand rubles, said Vladimir Prokhorov, a member of the General Council of Delovaya Rossiya, owner of the Udacha Group.

In Russia, there are almost no tools to protect Russians from spam. But if in e-mail you can unsubscribe from annoying letters, then in the case of real mailboxes this is impossible. Management companies should not distribute advertising, said Rifat Garipov, a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Construction.

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