Developments on COVID-19 from October 4

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Whether in Quebec or elsewhere on the planet, the COVID-19 pandemic has been disrupting our lives for several months.

Here you will find all the news throughout the day related to this crisis affecting the population, governments and the economy.



Case: 35,011,322

Death: 1,034,865


Case: 166 117, 78 459 in Quebec

Death: 9481, 5878 in Quebec

All the news for October 4, 2020

5:25 pm | Algeria / COVID-19: back to school after seven months of forced vacation

Primary school students in Algeria will resume their way to schools on October 21 and those to colleges and high schools on November 4, after more than seven months of interruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government announced on Sunday.

Much awaited for days, these dates were announced at the end of a meeting of the Council of Ministers chaired by the Head of State Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

The government has decided to “set the date of October 21 for the start of the school year for the primary cycle in all the wilayas (prefectures) of the country, November 4, 2020 for the middle and secondary cycles, taking into account the guarantee of school transport. for students and the opening of school canteens, ”said a press release.

These dates were determined “after consultation with the social partners and associations of parents of pupils”, he adds.

The government has also chosen the date of November 22 for the start of the academic year “taking into account the imperatives linked to the reorganization of university campuses and to avoid overloading, particularly at the level of the amphitheatres”.

The government urged “strict respect for hygienic conditions”, in particular the “disinfection of schools 72 hours before the start of the school year with the wearing of the imperative mask for the secondary cycle”.

The Ministry of Education announced on Thursday the postponement indefinitely in an “exceptional manner” of the start of the school year, initially scheduled for October 4.

5:11 pm | English public health “forgets” 15,000 cases of COVID

Developments on COVID-19 from October 4

5:08 pm | COVID-19: 50% rise in infections in one week, deaths double

With a third consecutive day with more than 1,000 cases recorded on Sunday, Quebec has seen its number of infections per day jump by 50% in just one week.

Developments on COVID-19 from October 4

3:28 pm | Disinfectants: DIN and NPN numbers as a guarantee of effectiveness

Hand sanitizers have been on the shelves at breakneck speed since the start of the pandemic, but not all of them are effective.

2:11 pm | Three municipalities in the Gaspé will move to the red zone on Tuesday

The municipalities of Maria, Carleton-sur-Mer and Nouvelle, in Gaspésie, will wake up in the red zone on Tuesday because of the many cases of COVID-19 found there.

The inhabitants of these municipalities will be subject to the same rules as those of Greater Montreal, the Capitale-Nationale (except Portneuf and Charlevoix) and Chaudière-Appalaches.

2:03 pm | Desperate move to cure Trump?

The fact that the doctors around Donald Trump administered synthetic Regeneron antibodies to him, the effectiveness of which is not guaranteed, raised one of the most eminent infectious diseases in Quebec.

13:34 | New York wants to reconfigure nine neighborhoods to break second wave

New York City is ready to close non-essential schools and businesses in nine neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens where coronavirus cases have been on the rise for two weeks, Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Sunday.

11:45 am | Donald Trump’s health is improving, and he could leave the hospital on Monday

The US president spent his second night at Walter Reed’s military hospital in Bethesda, near Washington, and his condition was improving, according to himself and the latest report from his doctor, who however remained cautious over the next few days. .

Developments on COVID-19 from October 4

11am | New record of cases in Quebec

The daily toll of the pandemic in the Capitale-Nationale region reached a new high on Sunday, with 193 new cases of COVID-19 reported in twenty-four hours. This new mark, never seen since the start of the health crisis, exceeds that of 183 new cases reached on Thursday.

11am | 1,079 new cases and 12 deaths in Quebec

This is the third day in a row in which more than 1,000 new cases have been recorded.

10:25 am | Ontario reports 566 new cases and seven deaths, according to CTV News Toronto.

This number is down from that of Saturday, when 653 new cases were listed. A total of 54,199 people have been infected with COVID-19 in Ontario. 2975 of them unfortunately lost their battle.

8:48 am | Ivana Trump worries about her ex-husband

Despite their heated divorce in 1992, Ivana Trump has only good words for her ex-husband and she is convinced that he will be okay, even if she admits that his hospitalization is “a stress”.

In fact, the figure of the New York jet set is especially surprised that Donald Trump has contracted the virus.

Developments on COVID-19 from October 4

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6:32 am | Paris is preparing in turn to close its bars

Faced with the constant progression of the COVID-19 epidemic, the French government should announce on Sunday the closure of bars in Paris next week, restaurants still hoping to escape it thanks to a reinforced health protocol.

5:41 am | COVID-19: Toronto Public Health suspends tracing of certain cases

Toronto Public Health has announced it is suspending contact tracing of people who have contracted COVID-19, as the city faces an increase in the number of cases.

5h11 | Iceland tightens screws amid COVID-19 surge

As of Monday and like in spring, sports halls, bars and nightclubs will be closed again. Gatherings of more than 20 people will be banned for “two to three weeks,” the country’s health ministry also wrote.

Developments on COVID-19 from October 4

5h | Brutal impact on young people, the chronicle of Karine Gagnon

“For young people, the situation is all the more difficult as friends and social life represent their entire universe. Chatting on the internet can help, but has nothing to do with real human contact. Of course, the government must impose restrictive measures since it is a question of life and death. However, it must quickly look into additional assistance measures for better access to the services of expert treatment. “

3:08 am | Saudi Arabia: limited resumption of the small Muslim pilgrimage

Muslim worshipers returned to Mecca on Sunday to perform the Umrah, the small pilgrimage, surrounded by strict precautionary measures, after a seven-month hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Developments on COVID-19 from October 4

1h34 | Trump’s Chief of Staff: Doctors have been “very concerned”

President Donald Trump’s chief of staff said on Saturday that his doctors had been “very concerned” about his condition, including a drop in oxygen levels, but that his condition had greatly improved afterwards.

1h | Manage the loot box of a school in a pandemic

The newspaper spent a day with the principal of a high school in Montreal of 1300 students to document the glitches that may emerge.

Developments on COVID-19 from October 4

1h | We need to talk about mental health more than ever

It has never been so urgent to talk about mental health while many have been weakened by the pandemic, insists a young woman who has already tried to take her own life.

Developments on COVID-19 from October 4

0 h 00 | The planet hit by the second wave

To determine where the hotspots of the pandemic are, we ranked the number of cases reported in the last two weeks per 100,000 population for countries with more than one million inhabitants, as well as for each Canadian province.

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