Rising food prices forced Americans to tighten their belts

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In the United States, higher food prices have reduced the purchasing power of the country’s citizens, according to NBC News on YouTube.

More than 29 million Americans said they were in short supply, and food donation charities were unable to help everyone in need.

The channel’s reporters visited supermarkets and asked customers if they felt changes in food prices. In response, all respondents answered that prices have increased significantly and they have to buy not what they want, but what they need, Ino TV specifies.

According to NBC, in recent months, the cost of meat products has increased by 20%, eggs and poultry meat – by more than 7%, fresh vegetables and cereals – by more than 3%. According to experts, this trend is associated with a shortage of workers in food enterprises due to coronavirus infection.

In addition, the problems with the rise in prices are related to the demand for food during the quarantine: Americans bought a large number of products for the home, which provoked problems with their supply and packaging for retail sale.

On August 9, US President Donald Trump signed a document extending the measures to stimulate the economy in the country until the end of the year amid the pandemic.

In particular, he extended the payment of weekly unemployment benefits in the amount of $ 400, tax holidays for Americans who earn less than $ 100 thousand a year, as well as a ban on eviction for non-payment of rent.

Today, the United States leads the world in statistics of deaths from coronavirus. According to the Worldometer portal, the country has recorded more than 165 thousand deaths of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and more than 5 million cases of this disease.

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