The headstone of the captain lay under Tula for a century in manure and mud

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In Krapivna, Tula region, research continues on one of the two tombstones removed from the forests of the Tula region.

Local historians have restored the identity of the person whose monument was found in the Odoyevsky district near the village of Skobochevo.

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The tombstone was found about one and a half kilometers west of the village of Skobocheva, behind an arable field, in a ravine overgrown with forest. According to the woman’s story, the village cemetery was located on the south side of the church. In Soviet times, it was demolished, a cowshed was built on its southern border, and a pasture was placed in the space between the temple and the cowshed. It can be assumed that manure was taken from the pasture to the fields. Together with him, a tombstone was taken out, which, interfering with plowing, was thrown into a ravine by a tractor. So, located at the cemetery with. Skobochev’s gravestone S.N. Venitseev, was used in the barn as a pedestal for the tank, and was discovered in the early 2000s. expedition of UNISPAS.

The tombstone found in the ravine belongs to the type of “cone broken by a muff”, gray-pink granite, the preservation is satisfactory, there are numerous chips on it from frequent coups of transportation. On the accessible side of the sleeve there are 6 lines of text, a deep font, a straight line with serifs, satisfactory preservation.

The researchers were able to read that the monument was installed on the grave of Staff Captain Ivan Timofeevich Afremov, who died at the age of 39 in 1852.

I.T. Afremov was married to the daughter of Princess Alexandra Vasilyevna Gorchakova (née Baskakova), the granddaughter of the once only owner of Skobochev, temple builder and major benefactor P.P. Baskakova. Praskovya Vasilievna lost her mother in early childhood and, together with her brother, owned her part of the village of Skobacheva, an inheritance left from her mother.

The sister of Princess A.V. Gorchakova, i.e. aunt of I.T. Afremova, was Maria Vasilievna, married Venitseeva, who also owned her part of the village.

It becomes clear why I.T. Afremov was buried at the walls of the Epiphany Church in the village of Skobocheva. For the same reason that S.N. was buried there in 1820. Venitseev, – both through their wives were landowners of this village.

And the last thing. According to the genealogical table of I.T. Afremov is with the famous Tula historian Ivan Fedorovich Afremov (1794 – 1866), the author of the book “Historical Review of the Tula Province”, in a kinship of the 5th generation.

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