The administration of the head of Buryatia filed a lawsuit against the mayor’s office of Ulan-Ude and did not come to the meeting

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The Sovetskiy District Court left without consideration the claim of the administration of the head of Buryatia against the mayor’s office of Ulan-Ude. The reason is that the plaintiff, who did not ask for the consideration of the case in his absence, did not appear in court on a secondary summons, and the defendant does not require consideration of the case on the merits.

Meanwhile, the administration of the head of Buryatia demanded from the mayor’s office, as the owner, to fulfill the obligations to preserve the cultural heritage site located at Linkhovoin Street, 1. This is a stone structure of the early 20th century, better known as the house of the Verkhneudinsk bourgeois woman Vassa Lobytsyna (“Lobytsyna’s House”) …

The administration of the head and government of Buryatia asked the administration of Ulan-Ude to install a sign on the building with an information inscription about the cultural heritage object, as well as to carry out repair and restoration work within 9 months from the date the court decision entered into force.

However, the plaintiff himself did not appear at the court either for the first or for the second time, which gave rise to the termination of the case and leaving the statement of claim without consideration. The mayor’s office, of course, did not object.

Help “MK in Buryatia”: A one-story stone house and a gate (not preserved) at the corner of Cathedral Square and Pochtamtskaya Street on the estate of the Verkhneudinsk bourgeois woman Vassa Ivanovna Lobytsyna were built at the beginning of the 20th century. A stone one-storey house on a high basement is located in the historical part of Ulan-Ude on the northern side of Linkhovoin Street. The longitudinal six-axis façade, facing the west, opens onto the territory of the Odigitrievsky Cathedral, and the four-axial front – onto Linkhovoin Street. ⠀

The main volume under the hip roof is rectangular in plan. A profiled hemmed cornice with a small offset and a frieze encircle the perimeter of the main volume. The facades of the building are flanked by smooth spatulas. Window openings with onion lintels are framed by platbands with a developed lobane and straight profiled sandrik. ⠀

The building is one of the examples of the historic stone residential development of Verkhneudinsk with elements of classicism.

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