Police warn of new fraud scheme in region

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Telephone scammers pose as bank employees, and if the victim does not believe them, they call back under the guise of a law enforcement officer.

Over the past 24 hours, fraudsters have stolen more than 2 million rubles from the accounts of residents of the Volgograd region. In almost all cases, attackers follow the same pattern.

First, they call under the guise of a bank employee and warn about problems with the account. If the cardholder does not believe them, the swindlers call back already on behalf of the law enforcement officers. For reliability, fraudsters use services to change phone numbers, so when you call, the number of the bank or the police station on duty may be displayed.

Thus, the criminals manage to convince the bank’s client to dictate confidential information. One of the last victims of the attackers was a 62-year-old pensioner from the Kamyshinsky district. He took out two loans in the amount of over 1 million rubles with the transfer of money to supposedly safe accounts.

In general, over the past day, swindlers stole more than 2 million rubles from the accounts of Volgograd residents. As reported by the MIA General Administration for the region, the identity of the criminals is now being established.

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