How Can You Drive a Car Without Buying it?

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It is always hard to afford a new car these days in the middle of the global pandemic. The economic downturn disallows people and students to have multiple cars of their own. Moreover, spending thousands of dollars on repairs expenses and fuel costs can really leave you high and dry. In the middle of these turbulent times, it is vital the you drive a car that is not expensive, but will serve your purpose and give you incredibly joy to ride the street of Australia. 

What this post is all about is to show you the way that purchasing a car is not the only solution to help you drive a car of your choice. In Australia, there are other options too that many drivers are unaware of while dreaming of driving their own car. How about we tell you that it is possible to drive a car without even paying full cash for it or owning it? Even if you are a college student and only need a single car to meet your travel needs, it is better to forget about the costly purchasing option and drive your car and use the following options we provide you. 

So let’s get started. 

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Ways to Drive a Car without Owning it

Ever since the emergence of the pandemic, no one can surely tell how much time the world will take to return to normal. There are unprecedented changes being made in the auto industry of Australia, America, and Europe. Let us get down to this point to help you and your family to drive a vehicle of your dreams amidst the financial confusion. 

Since many apps such as Uber and Lyft have been providing people opportunities to ease their traveling experiences, however, these services are not for everyone. These services mostly cost a lot of money and also operate in certain limited areas of the country. Therefore, it is always best to look for the following alternative options such as: 

  • Hourly Car Rentals 

Some people might know about car rental services that offer weekly or daily car rentals for some amount. However, what most people don’t know is that there are hourly car rental services that charge you much lower than a weekly car rental service. For example, you can search some car rental services in your area that may charge you like $8 per hour or even less. 

However, it is solely up to your to carefully pick up a car and park it back to its designated location. The vehicle can also be found on college campuses and major parking lots. Mostly, when you hire such services, you may need to pay an application fee initially depending on your location.

  • P2P Car Rental Services 

Peer to Peer or P2P car rental services are those that allow you to directly rent a car from an owner instead of going to a car rental company. So that is your best bet to test drive a new vehicle without paying a dime to an agency. With such an option, you can rent any vehicle of your choice at various rates owners set for them. 

Such as service for car rentals is already very popular in the United States and Canada. You can search the right car owner to get P2P rental service too hassle-free.

  • Use Car Lease Swapping Platforms

Now that is another great option that people use in the United States and Europe to swap the lease of their car and get rid of it before they go bankrupt. The concept of car lease swapping is simple. You can surely get a new Mercedes Benz or BMW on lease from a novated leasing Australia company. However, if you think you are not interested in paying all the lease payments, then you can surely quit your lease by swapping the lease agreement with another suitable buyer. Does that make sense?

Yes, for many car owners who don’t really own their leased cars, this option allows them to not only drive the new car of their choice for a few months and then swap the lease with someone else interested in driving the same car model. For that, you need to browse sites that list the options of suitable car buyers and sellers to help you swap your lease. 

The bottom Line

Now we get to the final thoughts. Just like we said that buying a new car is not suitable in these turbulent times, using the other options such as lease swapping or renting a car on an hourly basis can save you significant money in the long run. However, if you have an old car that is unusable, then you can give it to car wreckers Sydney such as Top Cash for Cars company and get the top dollar for car removal services to buy a new car.