How a Well-Maintained Lawn Can Increase Your Home’s Value

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Who does not like the look of a velvety emerald lawn? Lush green, well-maintained landscape lift people’s spirit and put them in a good mood. Besides, lawns in homes are a great place where people can indulge in playing sports, host friends’ gatherings, have barbeque parties, and enjoy family time. Furthermore, a well-kept lawn improves air quality, and natural beauty arouses feelings of serenity and calm.

Well-kept lawns have numerous benefits, and the most important one is that it increases a house’s value in the real estate market. Homebuyers and real estate agents inspect homes keenly and give attention to every detail. Their eyes hardly miss out on any flaw; similarly, they quickly notice the positive aspects of abodes. In addition, a lustrous lawn significantly improves the curb appeal of the otherwise mediocre house and makes it appear exquisite.

However, maintaining a lawn is not easy. It requires dedication and persistence, with regular maintenance, pest inspections, and whatnot. Otherwise, it becomes unkempt and makes the house appear messy, and ruins its aesthetics. Below we are listing some excellent tips which will help in maintaining a front lawn, consequently raising the property’s value:

  1. Trim Shrubs and Bushes

As much as a well-maintained lawn adds to the house’s aesthetic and raises its value, an unkempt yard, and big hovering trees decrease the appeal. Several people are ignorant of maintaining growing grass and other lawn issues; some don’t even have enough time to look after the lawn. Their negligence can have severe consequences and decrease their homes’ value. But on the bright side, they can avail of professional services and call experts to trim the shrubs and hovering trees. However, people need to be careful while calling tree services professionals and should read reviews about them. Residents of Austin, Texas and nearby cities can avail of tree trimming Austin TX, as they have maintained a reputation for providing quality service. Tall, well-kept trees may look pleasing, but hovering trees ruin a lawn’s appearance. Removing them gives the yard a natural soothing look and raises its appeal.

  1. Regular Mowing

Mowing lawn regularly is essential, but the key is to understand when it’s required. Experts suggest that one should mow once the grass reaches two to three inches tall; otherwise, it will harm the soil. Similarly, cutting wet grass or soil damages the ground. Besides, before using the mower, ensure that the blade is sharpened and can do the job well. A wise approach is to sharpen the blade every month to keep it from losing its rigidness. Getting an electric mower is an environmental-friendly option and works best for all types of lawns. Additionally, trimming grass when it is not too tall is more manageable than cutting it when it has grown seven to eight inches tall.

  1. Remove Harmful Items

Pesky items like a weed or even thatch and moss block air and nutrients from reaching grass roots and prevent growth. Birds, pet animals, or even residents’ clothing or footwear can bring weeds into the lawn. Weeds can grow in multiple ways and harm the grassroots. A better approach is identifying them before they grow tall and pull the entire weed out, including its roots.

Thatch is an organic matter layer that builds up between leaves and soil and prevents essential moisture and minerals from reaching the ground. People can remove thatch using various tools as thatch is easy to identify and appears dull and dead.

  1. Water in Appropriate Quantity

It is common knowledge that water is integral for plant growth, but many people do not know when and how much to water the lawn. Some forget to turn the tap of the hose and end up drowning the grass. Numerous forget to water grass, and that results in a dead yard. Overwatering and underwatering can destroy the lawn, making it appear dull and lifeless. Having sprinklers installed can solve the issue and save people from watering manually now and then.

  1. Fill the Bald Patches

The lawn often displays bare patches, and these patches ruin the entire look of the yard. No matter how hard people try avoiding patches becomes impossible as they appear because of weather and various underlying issues. Regardless of what causes patches to appear, they drastically reduce the lawn’s aesthetic and beauty. Therefore, instead of leaving bare patches, you can sow grass seeds over the raked soil. It will take some time, but the natural grass will fill the patch and give the lawn a smooth look. Another alternative is cutting the turf, covering the bald patches, and making the yard appear vibrant green.

  1. Let the Lawn Breathe

Lawns that witness a lot of foot traffic and experience constant activity become compact as continuous activity reduces the air within the soil. It can result in poor grass growth and make the lawn appear dull and dead. Compaction happens when people do not aerate the lawn. Aeration is a process that enables air and water to reach the root level of the grass. Aeration helps the grass breathe and boosts its growth. Therefore, it’s imperative to avoid strolling over the lawn unnecessarily and let it grow properly.

  1. Landscape Design

Landscape designing adds an oomph factor to the lawn and makes it appear captivating. The modern world is technology-driven, and people can search on the Internet and learn some DIYs to design a landscape. Another idea is to create a design on a mobile application using VR/AR and trim the grass accordingly. However, if you despise carrying out the process yourself, why not get professionals on board. They can prepare a customized plan and design the lawn as per your preference.



Neatly trimmed emerald lawns hold people’s attention and help in relieving people’s anxiety. Additionally, beautiful green landscapes infuse a touch of nature and joy into people’s lives. A well-kept lawn purifies the air, beautifies the environment, and increases the home’s value. On the contrary, unkempt lawns have the opposite impact. Modern life is busy, and people often cannot dedicate time to nurture and maintain the grounds. Therefore, a suitable option would be to call the experts and rid yourself of any lawn worries. Whether you’re looking to trim the overgrown trees or wishing to add grandeur to your lawn, professionals can help immensely.