Heartburn may signal a “silent heart attack”

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But this is rarely paid attention to

Known signs of a heart attack are severe chest pain and shortness of breath. This is due to blockage of one of the heart arteries as a result of the accumulation of calcium in the blood vessels, which disrupts the blood supply to the heart muscle. This is due to a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, bad habits, or genetic predisposition. The result of such attacks is a heart attack or stroke.

However, scientists from Harvard Medical School in the United States have identified an imperceptible harbinger of a heart attack – heartburn. It often appears on the eve of a heart attack. But people rarely pay attention to this, especially if there are no other symptoms, which happens, as the researchers emphasize, more often than it might seem at first glance. Doctors call such a heart attack “quiet”. They urge not to neglect cases of heartburn, no matter how insignificant it may seem, but to resort to medical assistance, reports the DailyExpress.

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