American pigeon travels 15,000 km to land in Australia

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Melbourne | An American pigeon would have traveled nearly 15,000 kilometers to land in Melboure, thus defying the very strict regulations of the island-continent in terms of quarantine, and arousing the excitement of the authorities.

Melbourne resident Kevin Chelli-Bird discovered the gaunt bird in front of his home on Boxing Day, according to Australian media.

He wore a ring at the level of the paw which made it possible to discover, that, “Joe”, thus nicknamed in reference to the new American president, had been missing during a race which took place in October in the United States. United, told Mr. Chelli-Bird daily Herald Sun.

This has traced back to the owner of “Joe” who lives in Alabama.

“We believe that in his race he swerved, headed out to sea, landed on a boat and was taken away,” he joked in Wednesday’s edition of the newspaper.

“Maybe he was fed up with (Donald) Trump and decided to leave.”

This epic trip, however, did not make the Australian authorities smile, the bird having thus violated the very strict measures of entry into the territory.

“As it has not been legally prepared for import or imported, the health status of this bird and anyone with whom it has been in contact since its departure and prior to its arrival is unknown,” said a door. word of the Ministry of Agriculture in a press release.

“This poses a risk in terms of biosecurity for Australian birdlife and our poultry industry.”

He should be euthanized because he arrived from the United States without having carried out a quarantine.

Australia has very strict regulations on animals to prevent the spread of disease. Cats and dogs coming from the United States are subject to 10 days of quarantine.

In 2015, American actor Johnny Depp and then-wife Amber Heard had a similar story.

In 2015, they smuggled their dogs into Australia and managed to save them by sending them back to their country very quickly.


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