German doctor: “Christmas with the risk of death”

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The chairman of the World Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, criticized the relaxation of restrictive measures during the Christmas holidays agreed by Chancellor Angela Merkel and prime ministers. “From a medical and epidemiological point of view, relax restrictions on Christmas This is madness”, stated Montgomery.

“The virus knows neither Christmas nor Ramadan. Every day he seeks out and hits his victims where he finds them. ” At the same time, the expert understands that people need warm communication, contacts with friends and relatives at Christmas. He believes that a better balance should be sought. Montgomery says if there are reliefs, the number of infections and deaths after the holidays will jump again. “In two to three weeks after Christmas, the death rate will rise. Christmas will be a holiday with the risk of death for some people, ”stressed the president of the world medical association. At the same time, he believes that it would be possible to take a risk if the population voluntarily observes the rules of distancing.

This statement is criticized by other experts and politicians, stating that it is absolutely useless to appeal to the population in the case of a pandemic. People are tired of restrictions and, at times, do not want to comply with them, if there are no clear prohibitions and instructions, for violation of which sanctions may follow.

Summing up, Montgomery said that if he somehow understands the easing of the rules for Christmas, then he considers it wrong to extend the easing until the New Year. New Year is a noisy, wild holiday somewhere. “It often goes away with a lot of alcohol. People communicate, fraternize, and on New Year’s Eve they make close contact. This is the ideal opportunity for transmission from one person to another. ”

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