Why Structured Steel Frames are Used in Building Projects

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Sustainability, affordability, and durability are some of the factors that make steel attractive building material in any construction project. It is a versatile material that can be used in various construction stages, from roofing, framing to floor joists.

Hence, it’s no wonder that the structured steel frame is a reliable choice in building materials. Some of the benefits of steel as a building material include:

Steel Beams are Lighter than Wood

If you were to weigh wood and steel, the weight of steel would be more than that of wood because of its density. But steel beams usually used in construction are significantly lighter than wood beams. The light-weight nature reduces material shipping costs and simplifies the building foundation’s design, which in turn further lowers project budgets.

You’ll Build Faster with Steel.

One of the primary concerns of architects and builders is completing the project on schedule and within budget because time in today’s competitive times, time equals money. Fast-track projects can be a nightmare for architects as material needs to be arranged, cut, assembled, and then erected only to realize that the size isn’t proper and needs to be installed again.

There is no such worry with steel. Steel parts are pre-engineered, prefabricated ready to be installed, thereby making it possible to complete the project within weeks.

It Offers More Savings

As stated above, times equals money, and steel enables builders to save time, translating into money. Take into account the labour and cost benefits of decreased construction time.

Moreover, steel helps you minimize construction waste as steel and metal building components can be recycled. Steel is a durable material, so you save on repairs, maintenance, and replacements over the years. Therefore, it is established beyond doubt that steel offers amazing cost-saving benefits as affordable building materials.

A Versatile Option

No other building material even comes close to steel in versatility. From its ability to be moulded into any shape to its exterior, various roofing patterns and wood-like siding steel can be used in various design patterns. Also, the steel frame is used in different building projects ranging from aero plane hangars, warehouses, agricultural buildings, indoor arenas, and skyscrapers.

Available in Steel and Wood Hybrid

Another reason why steel is popular as a building material is because it can be used in combination with wood. This combination is especially popular in residential constructions because it combines strength, durability, and versatility with wood’s insulation property.

Offers Eco-Friendly Applications

According to the Steel Recycling Institute, Steel is the most recycled product that can be recycled 100% at the end of its lifespan without the loss of quality, minimizing construction waste and CO2 emissions due to production shipment of steel. The result is carbon-free energy-efficient buildings that can get the builder major brownie points towards the coveted Green Building Certification.

Finally, it wouldn’t be incorrect to state that steel enables economic growth. From societies, residential projects, commercial establishments to roads, railway lines, bridges, and more, steel is everywhere.






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