Germany: Will Germany Legalize the Right to Work from Home Office

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The Federal Ministry of Labor has drafted a “Remote Work Act”. It provides for the right of full-time employees to work from home offices 24 days a year. In order to deny an employee the right to work remotely, employers will have to provide compelling reasons.

The reason for the refusal can be justifications why the activities performed by the employee are fundamentally inappropriate for working from home. Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil said: “Usually a baker does not have the conditions to bake buns at home. But there are many professions in which you can partially work from home. “

Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Hail’s plans to introduce legal right to work from home are not supported by a coalition partner. “No legal requirements can be introduced,” says Peter Weiss, an expert on labor and social issues of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group. He warns that otherwise, “all workers will be divided into two classes” – those who can do their job from within their four walls, and those who cannot.

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