Congratulate those who celebrate name day on August 17

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August 17 Angel Day at Alexey, Andrey, Daria, Denis, Dmitry, Evdokia, Ivan, Irina, Iya, Konstantin, Kuzma, Maximilian, Martha, Mikhail, Semyon.

Soft and humble, those born on this day have a lot of virtues in order to live this life in happiness and abundance. But for this they will have to seriously work on themselves. The boundless kindness that immediately sets you apart from the crowd can do you a disservice if you do not back it up with a strong character, the ability to take responsibility and make important decisions. In addition, you will have to cultivate initiative and responsiveness when solving various problems. If you do not want to cultivate these “reinforced” character traits in yourself, life will be difficult.

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