Clairvoyant from Karelia fell for scammers

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A local resident turned to the police in Petrozavodsk, and 7 thousand rubles were stolen from her bank card. It turned out that a 46-year-old resident of Petrozavodsk decided to sell the stroller via the Internet. After a while, in one of the popular messengers, I received a message from a potential buyer. He was ready to purchase the goods, but asked to dictate the bank card number, as well as password information. Then voice the password from SMS. The woman fulfilled all requests and lost money.

Subsequently, a resident of Petrozavodsk clarified that she had never heard of such fraud methods before. In addition, she said that she was clairvoyant, she had a vision in which a resident of the Karelian capital saw swindlers. The woman described the portraits of the fraudsters to the police and promised to provide them with useful information on the case, if any.

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