Scientists call the “lifespan” of the coronavirus on banknotes and smartphone screens

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Coronavirus can remain on the surface of bills, metal handrails and smartphones for a month, experts from the Australian Center for Disease Preparedness have found. The results of their research are published in the Virology Journal.

According to scientists, the coronavirus lives on smooth surfaces at room temperature for 28 days.

It is noted that the greatest danger is posed by non-porous surfaces, for example, glass (including mobile phones), paper and polymer banknotes, as well as stainless steel items. On them, at plus 20 degrees, the coronavirus can last for about a month, at plus 30 – up to three weeks, and only at plus forty degrees SARS-CoV-2 lives for several days.

Scientists noted that smartphone screens are the most dangerous, because, unlike hands, people do not regularly disinfect them.

Earlier, British scientists from the SPI-B group concluded that women are at greatest risk of contracting COVID-19, as they are more likely to do laundry and other household chores.

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