A massive boost to data science is coming from these industries…

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9 out of 10 data science interviews are focused on the way candidates have performed their live tests and big data management during the projects. In a majority of the cases, candidates are filtered out from the top tier during interviews by virtue of the work done by them during their projects. Best data science training institute in Bangalore prepares candidates applying for different job roles related to Big Data analytics, Cloud computing, Machine Learning engineering, and Artificial Intelligence. Developing the practical concepts applied to various high profile projects that are either are given utmost importance during interviews by the big companies or are prevalent in the industry, is what these preparations solely focus on. It has been observed that very large investments are being put in, to develop these domains through constant innovation, and also by hiring top experts from the best data science course in Bangalore to work on and lead these projects. So, we find a massive boost coming into the data science field from these areas of expertise.

What are these areas? Let’s find out in this article.

Business Intelligence for Marketing and Customer Services

There are all kinds of business intelligence tools available in the market today. However, each of these requires a solid knowledge of data management and analysis. In most organizations, project managers hire for BA BI professionals to set up the business intelligence roadmap for them—which means picking the best business intelligence tool from a wide array of options and then deriving useful insights from the data that is put into these tools. There are many steps to deployment and use of BI tools in the organization and trained data analysts from certified institutes achieve expertise through their application of data science and data discovery concepts in the practical sense. For example, the use of foundations like Excel, SAP, Power BI, etc provides many advantages such self service data management, real time analytics, data reporting and visualization, and AI-based data integration into other platforms useful for respective departments like Marketing, Sales and so on. So, to excel in the role of BI BA, data analysts should have both micro and macro data management strategies and the necessary programming skills to stay ahead in the competition.

Python programming for Content Discovery

Python’s rise in the computing world is unmatched. Today, a majority of the data science investments are happening because of the rapid rate of Python adoption in various fields within data science. One of the key areas is content discovery, which is essentially an AI-based machine learning application that allows a Python programmer to identify a set of keywords or phrases and run a semantic search into the database to find the right set of outcomes. It could either mean performing a text analytics using NLP or recommendation engines or running a deep search of the metadata for URL extractions or doing a reverse ALT TAG search in real time. There are many various types of python programs linked with content discovery. But, the ones with most contextual options that can be ingested alongside content discovery models using AI and machine learning applications are considered the best.

Python for healthcare modeling and data management

Python data modeling techniques are used to detect cancer, the spread of pandemic viruses, fatalities reported among a certain population and sub-population groups, and so on. In fact, in the last 2-3 years, doctors and data scientists have come together in so many ways to identify the areas that need improvement as far as disease management and pandemic regulations are handled. In some ways, healthcare services are also using Python data management and analysis to handle patient health data securely and so on. In the US, patient data is used to personalize healthcare monitoring and experience management using mobile apps. Trackers, fitness wearables, and heart beat monitoring apps are used to further correlate different body data to patients’ fitness and health problems.

So, Python’s role in the healthcare is a booming industry in the post covid world. Healthcare companies are completely transforming the way services and patient care are delivered to the users and physicians. From filing healthcare data to reporting of patient diagnoses, everything is automated to an extent. The way data science is used in healthcare has truly allowed physicians and healthcare services to foresee a future where patient care and patient monitoring systems would no longer require human supervision – instead, patients can themselves be in control of their healthcare management with the use of mobile based applications, AI virtual assistants and intelligent advisors available 24×7 to meet all kind of problems that could arise from any complications. 

Data science for political advertising and social media listening

Political PR campaigns are raging throughout the world. Some of the biggest ideological parties of the world now function as data science organizations. These parties either hire a big data team or outsource the work to a top class data analyst company to manage their PR campaigns based on political advertising modeling, social media listening, and citizen data management. These concepts, though new in applications have a far reaching effect in changing the power dynamic around the world and on people. From Presidential elections in the US and France to local municipal elections – everyone has some sense on how to identify the moods of voters and to sway them for voting the party through digital advertising tactics and influential social media. Data scientists have been paid in millions for providing a data backed strategy that has helped “superpowers” retain their zeal and authority through a winning PR strategy that wins every voter’s heart and favor. 

The above listed programs are definitely the massive push areas or thrust points for the economy. Bangalore based data scientists and analysts are getting hired by the top big data and business development agencies to lead the AI and machine learning programs for various organizations. If you are keen to pursue a career in these fields, join one today!