A boy with a double name was born in Saratov

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Saratov residents continue to call newborn babies with unusual and exotic names. As the head of the registry office of the government of the Saratov region, Yulia Ponomareva, told reporters on December 24 at a press conference, a girl Romashka was recently born in the region.

“A beautiful name, such a bright one, a symbol of the holiday,” she commented.

The girls were also named Rianph, Etella, Adele, Liyanta, Octavia, Ophelia, Flora.

“Flora – I think, in honor of a famous cartoon, I will not name him. Known to those whose families have girls,” she added.

Some married couples gave the girls double names – Eva-Aurora, Anna-Louise and Rebecca-Isabella.

“We also have a boy with a double name – Ernest-Eric. Both are in” E. “Other rare male names are Leonard, Hamlet, Spartak, Zorro and Panayot. So if you see Hamlet on the street, don’t be alarmed,” Julia Ponomareva.

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