REN TV showed a photo of the first version of the Alenka monument

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On December 24, the REN TV channel published photographs showing the initial version of the Alenka monument in Novovoronezh, which caused a public outcry.

In the summer, the monument was erected in the same place, but the statue was removed a day after its installation due to its rejection by local residents.

The second version of Alenka stood for three days. The monument was unveiled in Novovoronezh on December 18 to mark the 250th anniversary of the village of Novaya Alenovka. According to legend, Alenka founded a settlement, but the robber Kudeyar killed her.

The cost of the monument was 1 million rubles, budget funds were not spent on it. Local residents asked the mayor’s office to remove the art object, calling it devilry and a flawed likeness.

As a result, the local authorities decided on December 21 to dismantle the monument. The decision to finalize it or create a completely new monument will be made following the meeting, which will be attended by officials, sculptors, members of a public organization.

The city authorities recommended that the famous version of the sculpture be put up for auction.

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