Zhirinovsky spoke about the most effective way to combat COVID

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LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that vaccination is the most effective way to combat coronavirus. He said this on the air of NSN.

“Vaccination is safe, but getting sick is not. Even if the disease itself proceeded easily, without severe damage to the lungs, the delayed consequences could be much worse, ”Zhirinovsky said.

The politician noted that with regard to quarantine measures, it is necessary to reduce the number of physical contacts – this will be the main thing. He called the most optimal option for self-isolation in the country. According to Zhirinovsky, people want to live more secluded – then they move out of town.

“Regardless of the pandemic, it’s much more convenient than living in huge, concrete high-rise buildings. And more profitable. The main weapon against the virus after vaccination is social distancing, ”added the LDPR leader.

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