Agronomist dispels palm oil myths

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Agronomist Elizaveta Tikhonova in an interview with Sputnik radio dispelled popular myths about palm oil.

She noted that this product has a negative reputation in Russia, as many believe that it contains dangerous trans fats, “bad” cholesterol, and also increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Meanwhile, palm oil is of vegetable origin, which indicates the absence of dangerous trans fats in it, while it contains less saturated fat than butter, the specialist said.

“Palm oil is great because it eliminates the dangers of lack of body fat. And the fact that now it is possible to obtain such oil relatively inexpensively is excellent <...> If there is not enough ordinary oil, then palm oil is no more harmful than our usual cow oil, ”Sputnik quotes Tikhonova on Saturday, October 3.

The agronomist emphasized that if you choose between butter and palm oil, you should prefer the latter, since it is better absorbed, does not clog blood vessels with cholesterol and gives energy faster.

“Cow oil also appeared relatively recently in human food, only 400 years ago, before that, carts were oiled and not eaten. No one has died of palm oil yet, no one is sick. Anything that is vegetable is better absorbed by the body, and it is not deposited anywhere, ”the expert added.

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