Young Astrakhan residents took part in the creative workshop “I would go to a pastry chef”

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What profession to choose and how to become a demanded specialist in the labor market in the future? What profession will bring pleasure and financial well-being? It is difficult for a teenager to answer these questions, because, as a rule, he is not familiar with all existing professions. Classes aimed at vocational guidance of minors help a teenager choose a business to his liking.

Career guidance work with pupils of the Istok center is one of the directions of the rehabilitation process. The specialists are faced with a difficult task: to increase the level of motivation of adolescents to study, to instill work skills, to form a readiness for a conscious choice of a profession, an understanding of its essence and the social significance of professions, the discovery of new life positions and prospects.

In the “Parusnik” branch, the teachers organized a creative workshop “I would go as a confectioner” for the pupils, during which the guys cooked together a biscuit pie “Charlotte”. The pupils of the branch learned the recipe for making “Charlotte”, learned how to cook it in stages, decorate it beautifully. The atmosphere in the class was friendly and creative. No one stood aside: someone peeled and cut apples, and someone kneaded the dough. Each participant in the “culinary workshop” tried to play the role of a chef and do his job perfectly. The lesson ended with a tea party with a pie prepared by the guys.

“This lesson helped children understand that a real pastry chef cannot do without such qualities as artistic taste, imagination and creativity – only then can he create true culinary masterpieces! By participating in such events, adolescents can always assess their abilities and preferences, and when the time comes to choose the profession that they like and will be in demand on the labor market, ”the department’s specialists note.

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