Xi Jinping commemorates Korean War with America in sights

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Chinese President Xi Jinping solemnly celebrated the 70th on Fridaye anniversary of his country’s entry into the Korean War (1950-53), the occasion for him to celebrate a “victory” over the United States.

According to the Chinese report, nearly 200,000 soldiers sent by Beijing to fight alongside North Korea perished during the conflict in the face of international coalition troops, mainly American, allied with South Korea.

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At a time when the relations of his country are at their lowest with the America of Donald Trump, the Chinese president took advantage of this commemoration to send a warning to any potential invader, in the solemn setting of the People’s Palace in Beijing.

“After a fierce fight, Chinese and Korean troops have defeated opponents armed to the teeth and shattered the myth of the invincibility of the US military,” he said to the applause of thousands of servicemen and women. veterans in uniform.

Seventy years later, in addition to their commercial, diplomatic and technological rivalry, China and the United States are also competing militarily in the South China Sea, an area claimed almost entirely by Beijing where the US Navy carries out missions of defense of “freedom of navigation”.

“We will never stand idly by when our sovereignty is threatened and we will never allow any army to invade or divide our country,” Xi Jinping said. An allusion to the island of Taiwan, claimed for seven decades by the communist regime, but armed by the United States.

Beijing has never given up the possibility of taking back the island by force in the event that the latter formally proclaims its independence.

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