Women’s parking lot in Kazan will be liquidated at the request of the prosecutor’s office

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The Kazan prosecutor’s office demands to eliminate the parking for women, equipped near the TSUM shopping center in the capital of Tatarstan. The department found violations of the Constitution.

They noted that the basic law of the country guarantees the equality of citizens, regardless of gender, nationality and other circumstances. Men and women have equal rights, the supervisory authority said.

According to InKazan.ru, it has been established that the parking lot has increased dimensions, its width is 4.4 m. The places are painted pink and marked with the sign “Parking for customers”.

The opening of the first women’s parking lot in Russia was announced on August 4. Later, the Kazan State Traffic Safety Inspectorate made a demand to ban its use.

This topic has also sparked a heated discussion on social media. Some users stated about the manifestation of sexism, and some, on the contrary, praised the shopping center for this decision.

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