Lyubimov spoke about a possible outbreak of coronavirus in September

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On Thursday, August 6, the Governor of the Ryazan Region Nikolai Lyubimov held an online meeting on the health campaign for children that had begun.

In 2020, seven country camps will operate, in six the first shift is already ending. The Kolos sanatorium opens on August 9. Since August 1, 255 school camps have been opened in the region. They also intend to open 46 labor and recreation camps. They will cover 8.5 thousand children: orphans, boarding school pupils, children of health workers and those who have had coronavirus.

During the meeting, Lyubimov called the decision to open children’s institutions difficult. The head of the region urged to observe comprehensive preventive measures to prevent repeated outbreaks of the disease. He stressed that the risks remain.

The governor added that on September 1, children will come to schools, people will return from holidays. Therefore, by September 15, individual outbreaks of an increase in the number of cases are possible. “Our task is to do everything necessary to avoid this,” said the Ryazan governor.

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