Witnesses in the Efremov case gave conflicting testimony

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The prosecution and defense witnesses, involved in the case of an accident involving actor Mikhail Efremov, gave conflicting testimony at the hearing. Some said that they saw the artist in the passenger seat, while others said that he was alone in the car.

For example, a witness from the side of the defense Tevan Badasyan said that a man got into the car next to Efremov, but when asked to describe the passenger, he answered that he could not do this because it was dark. At the same time, another witness, Andrei Gaev, said that after the accident he saw the actor leave the passenger seat.

In turn, prosecution witness Ilya Babikov said that only the driver was in the car, and confidently pointed to Efremov. The fact that the actor was driving was confirmed by the witness Svetlana Nabokina.

Lawyer Sergei Kolosovsky told Izvestia that giving false testimony could result in a fine of up to 80,000 rubles. However, this amount is not so large as to scare those who like to make money dishonestly.

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I swear to say: witnesses in the Efremov case gave conflicting testimony

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