Germany: Test of Leipzig researchers for antibodies to coronavirus from Tuesday in pharmacies

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Scientists from Leipzig have developed a new test for antibodies to coronavirus. It was named “AProof”. Tomorrow it will be available in pharmacies and on the Internet. The test costs 49 euros. Anyone can use it, according to the Ministry of Science of Saxony. At the same time, it will help researchers gather valuable information about the spread of the coronavirus.

The test is an important step in the fight against coronavirus. It can help better protect at-risk groups such as those working in schools, kindergartens, hospitals and nursing homes. It will allow for better and faster screening of personnel for antibodies, which can ultimately reduce the risk of infection.

Tests can also provide important information for further research on those infected who have already recovered, says Ralf Hoffmann, spokesman for the Leipzig University’s Biotechnology and Biomedical Center.

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