With Us, Your Baby Will Be in Safe Hands All Over the Entire Photoshoot

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Newborn Photography Berkshire:

To make great fun photos you do not want to spend an absolute treasure. I can show you how to take some striking headshots in your own home just by using some coloured paper and your camera unknown more. Capture the distinct moment with your newborn and make memories that you can both look back on years advanced by having attractive, expert photographs taken at the start of your journey together. I love to ensure studio Newborn Photography Berkshire but occasionally I want to make something a little more fascinating than your standard white background shoot and this is a truly easy way to do that.

How does it work?

Generally, on the day before your discharge, a photographer will visit you in your hospital room and request if you would like photos taken of your baby. Your photographs will be posted on the Tunde Kugler Photography website, and you will be specified an online password so that the photographs can only be regarded by you and whomever you share the password with.


My shoots are tilting more to the lifestyle type, so though the babies are posed, these will be baby lead poses. I will not be happy to put your newborns into a place that I feel is hazardous for them, like the frog poses. Yes, they call it that!

I do objective to get a few photos of both parents with their newborn as I reliably believe that we need to be in more pictures with our babies and not just in phone selfies. Please do not tense about what you look like, you are gorgeous and that will show in the pictures. The main effort is on the linking between you all. For these images, all we want is a room with good natural light.

Newborn Photography Berkshire

How to keep baby joyful throughout their photoshoot:

If babies aren’t certainly ‘feeling’ it on the day of the meeting then please don’t panic, there are loads of possessions that we can try to help their preparation to the impression of having photos taken…


I have tons of attractive wooden toys in the studio to keep little indicators busy. They have been preferred prudently so that if the little one is the cheeriest playing, they’ll look nice in the pictures.
Carrying a favorite toy/reliever from home is also stimulated.


Milk/snacks is constantly a good idea. I still bring emergency snacks with me anywhere I go and my firstborn is 8! Sometimes a little nibble on something tasty is all they want to get back in the sector.


Be ready to join in with singing their fava songs/nursery rhymes. Clapping/dancing/silly noises/fake sneezing are also invigorated. Get ready to make a bit of a tit of yourself – it’s essentially how I get most of my best photos!

Staying Calm:

As a parent, your baby will surprise by how you are feeling. If you’re emphasizing out the thought of coming to the studio then they will certainly feel the pressure and feel worried.
So relax! Think of it as going smoothed to a friend’s for a playdate and cupper. No burden, no pressure – it will be fun!

Be prepared to join in:

If your little one is stressed with the pressure of being in front of the camera single I’ll enquire you to get in there with them. Sometimes having a play with Mum or Dad helps them relax and diverts them. I’ll endure to photograph while you’re playing so that they get used to the sound of the camera, then once they’re happy we’ll progressively move you out of the edge and take it from there! It’s not problematic at all if they don’t need to be sat on their own, you can understand from underneath that holding their hands from the side or above make truly cute Newborn Photography Berkshire pictures so please don’t worry if you don’t want to be ‘in’ the photographs – your arms are regularly enough!