Winter tourism festival was held in Bondarsky district

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A two-day winter tourism festival was organized and held in the Bondarsky district. For the first time, the participants of the tourist association, together with the head Viktor Fedotov, went on a camping trip to the Kazyvan forest.

The first tourists arrived at the camp site early in the morning. They got down to preparatory work – they cleared the area, set up a tent, and prepared firewood. After some time, the camp met the festival participants, about 30 people.

The festival was started by orientation in a given direction. Six control points were waiting for tourists in the snowy forest. Not all participants in the competition were able to cope with the task, some lost their way, but after a while all the guys returned to the camp.

After discussing the competition program, the cooper tourists were expected to have lunch – cabbage soup cooked on a fire. After resting, they went to conquer the slides on cheesecakes. In the evening, tourists gathered around a large fire. There was enough space for sleeping in the tent for everyone.

The next morning greeted the cooper tourists with snow sparkling in the sun. After breakfast, the results of the festival were summed up, and all participants were awarded diplomas.

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