What will help everyone on August 12, on the feast of Silouan and Silas

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Orthodox today remember the holy apostles.

Saint Silas supported the Apostle Paul and was with him everywhere. Together they preached Christianity.

For their deeds, the apostles Silouan and Silas were repeatedly persecuted. When in one of the Macedonian towns they were captured and taken into custody, the saints did not agree to renounce their faith, they prayed tirelessly. Suddenly there was an earthquake, the shackles fell from the saints, and they were free.

The preachers traveled a lot around the world preaching. Both became bishops, performed many miracles and signs.

The people called this day the day of Siluan and Strength, Silin’s day. The offended asked the saints for help. In Russia, it was customary to pray to the saints and ask for help, to order prayer services.

Folk omens for August 12

If it’s chilly that day, it won’t rain soon.

Windy weather foreshadows clear weather for the next few days.

If the mountain ash is well born, there will be slushy autumn and severe winter.

Today, on August 12, Ivan, Maxim, Pavel, Anatoly, Angelina, Valentin are celebrating name days.

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