What Volgograd residents can buy for the New Year’s table now

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From the material “Volgogradskaya Pravda.ru” you will find out what products for the New Year’s holiday can be safely purchased now, until prices have skyrocketed and there are no crowds in stores.

Most people cannot imagine the New Year without Olivier salad. You can buy potatoes, onions and carrots for this dish in advance. You can also add beets, cabbage and Chinese cabbage, pears and apples to the grocery basket. If stored correctly, they will live to see the holiday. But it is better to buy cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs and tangerines a few days before the holiday, MK in Volgograd reports.

Crab sticks, seafood, berries and ice cream can be bought in advance, they will calmly wait for the celebration in the freezer. There you can also send poultry carcass, steaks, pork tenderloin, as well as fresh meat for storage.

Corn, green peas, beans, and pickled mushrooms can be taken six weeks before New Years. Check your stocks of spices and sauces to buy what’s missing.

Many people like to make sandwiches with red caviar for the New Year’s feast. You can buy it now. The same can be done with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. They can be stocked in advance.

And don’t forget to purchase chocolate along with a nice selection of chocolates. Just move them away from children, otherwise they will find them and eat them long before the holiday.

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