Uganda: 28 dead in violence since the arrest of opponent Bobi Wine

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Kampala | Twenty-eight people have been killed since Wednesday in violence sparked by a new arrest of the main opposition candidate for the January 2021 presidential election, popular singer Bobi Wine, police said on Friday.

“A total of 28 people have died as a result of violent political protests, in many places and since (Wednesday) November 18, 2020,” police spokesman Fred Enanga said at a press conference in Kampala.

A previous report communicated Thursday evening by the police reported 16 dead, for the metropolis of Kampala alone.

“There are still many people still hospitalized, around 45 people receiving care in various hospitals,” added the spokesperson.

According to him, “everything indicates that these events were not spontaneous” but came within the framework of a “more or less coordinated campaign” by the party of Mr. Wine.

“Thanks to our intelligence network, to video surveillance and to the help of the population, we were able to arrest more than 300 suspects, those who took part in riots, looting, traffic jams and road blockages. “, He also announced.

This violence, while the presidential campaign is in full swing, bodes ill for the good conduct of an election where the 38-year-old opposition deputy and song star will be the main opponent of Yoweri Museveni, 76, in power since 1986 .

Robert Kyagulanyi, whose real name is, was arrested on Wednesday in Jinja (East) where he was campaigning, for having, according to the police, violated measures to fight against the coronavirus during his rallies.

The news of his arrest angered his supporters who took to the streets and clashed with law enforcement on Wednesday and Thursday, in Kampala, but also in several other urban centers.

On Friday, Bobi Wine was still being held by police in the east of the country, where he was supposed to appear in court on a possible charge.

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