What the coming day has in store for us – August 13

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Moon in Gemini. Do not take on new projects

The secrets of the Moon have haunted the inhabitants of our planet for many years. And everything unknown and mysterious attracts endlessly. Someone does not believe that the night star has any effect on life on earth, while someone fervently believes and builds every day, referring to the lunar calendar.

What is the queen of the night of August 13 preparing for us?

The day is rather passive. The last phase of the lunar month, which is not characterized by speed and sudden movements, will also affect here. This is the time when everything goes by inertia, the body is both emotionally and physically weakened and is trying to save the remaining energy. The unhurried nature of this period is reflected in business. You shouldn’t take on new projects – this is not the time to start. Try to figure out the things that are in the final hundred meters – you definitely have enough strength for them. If your brain is generating fresh ideas these days, write them down. It is better to return to them when you feel a surge of strength – in the new lunar month.

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Accept this day with gratitude, whatever it may be for you!

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