What is strictly forbidden to do on August 29, on Orekhovy Spas

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Nut, or Bread Khpas in 2020 falls on Saturday, August 29. This is the third holiday in a series of August Spas.

history of the holiday

Walnut, or Bread Savior, is dedicated to the memories of the transfer of the Not-made image of the Savior – Urbus. It was from this healing image of Christ on fabric that the first icons began to be painted later. The relic was lost in 1204, and the search does not end to this day.

In Russia they said: “On the first Spas, they stand on the water, on the second – they eat apples, on the third Spas pies“. On this day, it was customary to trade in canvases, hallow wells and bake bread, and begin harvesting hazelnuts. Hence the popular names of the holiday.

Priests on this day consecrate a new crop of grain and nuts.

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Do’s and Don’ts on August 29

– You can’t do hard work. However, it is not forbidden to work if the work cannot be postponed until another day.

– It is extremely bad omen to quarrel on this day and argue for a long time. It is forbidden to use foul language and wish others harm. Violation of the ban threatens with serious illnesses and failures, our ancestors believed.

– You cannot refuse the request, otherwise you will have to suffer losses all winter.

It is recommended on this day to go to the temple or at least an hour to pray at home: read the akathist to the Image of the Savior Not Made by Hands.

On August 29, it was customary to bake bread from grain consecrated in the church.

On this day, the girls wondered for nuts, the people cleaned and dug wells and went to holy springs.

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